Studio 1 Bond Street Studios Daylight Studio

Pre-Production Space for Hire

We love hosting shoots at Bond Street Studios, but did you know we are also perfectly set up as a pre-production space?

Use our spacious main studio for your casting. We set up an area for the panel and can help with filming or lighting needs. Our cafe area just next door works perfectly as the waiting room for all your hopefuls. Following the casting, the same space can be used for your PPM.

Our private prep areas can be used for casting prep and/or wardrobe fittings. Extended wardrobe on this particular shoot? Book out our separate studio on the ground floor, along with rails and tables, for a spacious and completely separate area to go through all your wardrobe, accessories and props ahead of the shoot day.

Pre-production days can be hungry and thirsty work. We’ll organise lunches, snacks and refreshments to keep you going.

Need any further assistance with your pre-production day? Contact the studios and we’d be happy to help.




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