Brennans Bread TV Commercial

Brennans Bread TV Commercial in Studio

Recent Brennans Bread TV Commercial shot at Bond Street Studios.

We recently had the pleasure of having our large commercial photo and video Studio 1 hired and transformed into a kitchen set for the latest Brennan’s Bread TV Commercial. It was utterly unrecognisable. We had to pause the TV and squint when the ad came on just to make sure of it.

Production company Sweet Media cooked up some magic along with Folk Wunderman Thompson. The results make you want to smile and also shove some slice pan in your mouth at the same time. Personally, we will be trying the pizza toast in our cafe..

Self proclaimed Food Fluffer, Drink Stylist and hand model Johan van der Merwe was on hand to make sure every shot of this Brennans Bread TV Commercial was mouth watering.




An incredible job by all crew, and a pleasure to have in with us. ⠀

Director: @trevorhartstudio ⠀
Producers: Emma O’Beirne & @andybradford40 at @sweetmediaie ⠀
Agency: @folkwunthompson ⠀
DOP: @burschill ⠀
Production Designer: @eleanor_harpur ⠀
Food Stylist: @foodstylist_johan ⠀
Hair & Makeup: @cloochy ⠀

Big thanks to @bluescreenmedics for keeping us safe as per usual! ⠀


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